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Stairs plugin is Modo interactive tool for generating stairs geometry.

It can be used by archviz artists for extremely quickly making of e.g.:

  • modern interiors (especially floating stairs mode)
  • staircase
  • modern stadiums (use couple different steps parameters, one for the real stairs and second one as place for chairs)
  • cinema and theatre etc. interiors
  • medieval castles
  • ancient pyramids (Egyptian and Aztecs)
  • ancient stadiums
  • ancient buildings and temples

On the left you can see plugin panel.
Left and Right define bounding box of newly generated geometry.

Steps number of generated stairs steps.

Segments number of horizontal segments.

Extent this option will generate solid stairs e.g. staircase basement level, stairs in castles, and other ancient buildings.

Floating Width and Floating Height size of floating stair. They're disabled when Floating Thickness is 0.

Floating Thickness enables generating of floating stairs (generated on top of regular stairs), and at the same time thickness of such geometry.

Click on the image to see it at full resolution.

It's advised to download videos to disk using Save File As... and watch in off-line movie player.

This video shows how to use Stairs interactive tool for Modo. Change YouTube quality to Full HD!

Changes made in the 1.0 (17-Mar-2018)

  • The first official Windows 64 bit release.

Minimum Windows Requirements

  • Modo v11.2.3+
  • Windows 64 bit

Recommended Windows Requirements

  • Core i7 or better


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